DUCKs (Dads United for the Children of Kensington Primary) is a group of dads (or father figures) that meets for social events mostly with their kids to encourage a closer bond between them and their offspring. DUCKs developed from the Fathering Project who encourage dads groups like DUCKs at school.




DUCKs organise a variety of events each year. Most of them are with our kids, as this is the whole reason for DUCKs but from time to time dads also need to discuss fathering issues amongst themselves so we do have the odd dads only social event. 

Ducks Presentation for new and old
11 March, 7pm 2021 @ Como Bowls Club 



DUCKs is informal. There is no membership and no compulsarary participation. You might just see a poster in the school or a mentioning in the school newsletter which is enough for you to qualify to participate as long your child is at Kensington Primary 

If you would like to always be up-to-date with the agenda it would be best to become part of the email list. Just sign up below.  

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