Fathering Project Presentation

11 March 2021, Fathering Project and DUCKs Presentation
'It's all about more fun times with your kids, their friends and other dads!'

The Event

Kensington Primary’s Dads Group - The DUCKs  (Dads United for the Children of Kensington) - has been established 5 years ago and has facilitated a variety of great events, such as bushwalking, bike rides, pottery and the school camp to just name a few. Our aim is for you to have fun with your kids, their friends and become part of a strong and supportive network of committed dads connected to the school.

This FREE event will be informal yet informative for dads, father-figures and school leaders, whether new or experienced with the Fathering Project and the DUCKs. It will provide you with information about the important role of dads, the aims of The Fathering Project, and the DUCKs.

Come and find out why dads (and fathering figures) are so important in kid’s lives. Have a laugh and a chat and maybe pick up some tips. Most of all help build the DUCKs and the Kensington community.

We especially encourage to see dads from children in the younger years to come along. For regular Ducks attendees - it would be great if you could bring along another KPS dad or father figure that hasn't attended one of our events before!

Bar is open and light snacks will be provided. 

Where: Como Bowling Club, 99 Hensman Street, South Perth

Time: 7pm for 7.30pm start

Cost: FREE

RSVP: If possible to David Mundy via email hhmst1@westnet.com.au